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OYT1404 Rubber Mat

Time:2020-10-30 17:18:41

Product Details:

 Deck / Lawn / Skid Field Safety Floor Mat    

Deck / Lawn / Skid Field Safety Floor Mat OYT1404A1020x1020x13 (mm)40.2x40.2x0.51 (in)7.2 Kg
OYT1404B1000x1000x15 (mm)39.3x39.3x0.59 (in)9.4 Kg
OYT1404C800x800x15 (mm)31.5x31.5x0.59 (in)6.7 Kg
OYT1404D1500x1000x22 (mm)59x39.3x0.87 (in)19 Kg
OYT1404E630x420x15 (mm)24.8x16.5x0.59 (in)1.85 Kg
OYT1404F1500x1000x19 (mm)59x39.3x0.75 (in)17 Kg
OYT1404G800x500x22 (mm)31.4x19.6x0.87 (in)5.6 Kg

Hole type rubber mat/non-slip rubber mat /  perforated rubber cushions, rubber door mat and rubber hole pad/rubber mat features:
1.Tasteless rubber, environmental protection, prevent slippery and durable
2.The rubber pads are widely used in kitchen, workshop, warehouse, swimming pool, bathroom and ship
3.Can help to reduce foot fatigue, anti-fatigue MATS.
4.The rubber gasket installation convenient disassembly, do not need to use adhesive, when cleaning easy disassembly.
5.Color bright, beautiful and easy, can make different color according to customer's need.
Rubber mat packing:
Generally use wood pallet packaging, can also according to need, quantitative weighing packaging