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OYT4101 Fireproof sound-absorption fabric board

Time:2020-10-30 16:30:17

Product Details:

sound-absorption board: glass filament, density-96Kg/m3;
Soft packing: 25mm border/ 30mm border/ resin solidifcation;
fireproof fabric: fireproof and sound-absorption fabric;
THICKNESS:  25mm, 30mm, 50mm; 
SIZES:  1200mm*600mm or customer request
COLORS: A wide range of standard colors,custom colors are available
INSTALLATION: Adhesive & pegs; Just put 6 structural adhesive points on the back of the sound-absorption fabric board, then fix several points on the side using the pegs. 
FLAMMABILITY: GB 8624-1997, Class B1
PERFORMANCE: Excellent performance at absorbing noises
APPLICATIONS: Studio, Photostudio, Auditorium, Concert Hall, Theatre, Cinema, Listening Room, Family Cinema, Piano Room, School Classroom, Multifunctional Gymnasium,  International Conference Hall, Press Room, Lecture Hall,  and many other kinds of Halls;